The Focus Watch: A watch for staying focused

When trying to stay focused on whatever I'm doing at a given time, I've found a lot of success in time tracking. The act of physically starting a timer when I start a new activity helps me to consciously commit to what I'm doing. I started out time tracking with mobile apps but I found the physical nature of the timer to be paramount. Normal watches are okay, but I've found myself wishing there was one that supported multiple timers, and which could sync to a mobile app for retroactive analytics.

I may be the only person on earth who's excited about this concept, and if so, I obviously won't invest the resources to try and build it, but if there's other people like me who resonate with the concept below, perhaps I'll see if I can build it. If you're excited about this idea, please let me know!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The watch includes a rotating outer ring to switch between "focus modes". Each mode has its own stopwatch to keep track of how much time you've spent in that mode. All of the stopwatches reset at the end of the day. With the companion app, you can configure the titles of each mode, and set weekly / monthly / annual goals for each as well. Your progress towards these goals will be displayed on the watchface as a radial progress bar. The companion app will also allow you to see reports on how you spend your time historically.

PS: I am aware of the time-tracking cubes like Timeular and Timeflip, but it's annoying to carry a cube with me everywhere I go