Tim Connors

Cofounder at 101 πŸŽ’


I've built two small businesses and two venture-backed startups. I like cerebral movies, EDM festivals, and cute dogs.

My stories

I made 100 friends in 100 days

I spent 100 days meeting one new person every day. Turns out, everyone has a story to tell if you look closely.

2017 β€” 2019
Selling on the Street Corner

When I was a student at UCLA I sold graduation gowns on the street corner. I made six figures in sales.

2017 β€” 2019
I Started a Music Festival

I started a non-profit music festival, hosted in the streets of LA. We almost got sued by Woodstock.

2019 β€” 2021
My First Startup Failed

We built an AI personal recruiter. Thousands of users, but not enough growth. It failed after 2 years.

2022 β€” Now
The New Adventure

With 101, any community can create learning experiences that issue NFT credentials and crypto rewards.

Other Writing